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Самые известные футбольные игроки англии


By Maggie Gallagher So far, AIDS has killed more than 300,000 Americans. Yet, of the almost 600 million the federal government spends on AIDS извсетные, probably less than 10 is spent on high-risk groups. Yet the same year, the nation's public health officials embarked on a deliberate public-relations campaign to mislead the American people into thinking that AIDS was spreading inexorably into the mainstream. She Самые известные футбольные игроки великобритании an intravenous drug user.

She was an intravenous drug user.judging from the ease and even pride with which public health officials now confess their wrongdoing, it's business as usual. Why, after so much time and money, are so many still dying. SLEAZY CDC CAMPAIGN MISSTATES RISK OF AIDS Remember those TV ads featuring the Baptist minister's son, who said, "If I can get AIDS, anyone can".

⚽ ЛУЧШИЕ АНГЛИЧАНЕ в истории футбола. КТО №1?

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