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judging from the ease and even pride with which public health officials now confess their wrongdoing, it's business as usual. Yet, of the almost 600 million the federal government spends on AIDS prevention, probably less than 10 is spent on high-risk groups. In борссия life, this would be known as fraud - not only борувсия serious sin, but a crime. SLEAZY CDC CAMPAIGN MISSTATES RISK OF AIDS Remember those TV ads Шальке 0 0 боруссия м sopcast the Baptist minister's Как сыграло атлетико- шальке 04, who said, "If I can get AIDS, anyone can".

DELIBERATELY FRIGHTENING AND DECEIVING TAXPAYERS What astonishing bureaucratic hubris. This was the conclusion that Michael Fumento reached years ago in his book The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS, for which he was unjustly and shamefully reviled. By 1991, most agreed that married people who had an occasional affair had a substantial risk of getting AIDS.

One reason, according to a damning Wall Street Journal report, is this: For 10 years, the government has been deliberately lying to us about who is at risk of AIDS.

Even more remarkable, these government officials now publicly defend their deceit.

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